Biotechnology engineering

The Pharmabios team has extensive experience in carrying out projects for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. For this reason, we also offer to our clients different kind of services related to the engineering of biotechnology applications for these industries. 

The following are the services that Pharmabios can offer you for your project achievement:


Conceptual design:

Definition of the project, the quantity of product to be produced and the method to do so. Preparation of a block diagram and the description of the process to be carried out. Economical estimation of the project at ±30%. Preparation of a preliminary list of equipment and auxiliary services.

Basic design:

Achievement of instrumentation and process diagrams (P&ID) of the entire project, lists of valves, instruments, piping and components necessary for the implementation of the project. Writing the design specifications of the components and URS of the main equipment. Dimensioning of pipes, valves, tanks, tanks, equipment, etc. Achievement of build of material and energy balances, as well as the electrical diagrams and functional specifications of the software. Approval of the execution planning.

Detail design:

Dimensioning of the main equipment needed to carry out the project. Preparation of the layout of people flow and materials, and preliminary calculations of the rooms and main equipment. Drafting of the URS and preparation of a budget and planning at ±30%.


Execution of the project according to the approved planning coordinating the different contractors and controlling the supplier deliveries.

Start-up and commissioning:

Tests for optimum performance of all installed equipment and pipelines.


Redaction and execution of the FAT, SAT, Commissioning, IQ and OQ protocols for all the equipment and installations.