Bioprocess services

Qualification and validation

In a highly regulated environment such as the pharmaceutical industry, it is vitally important to have equipment with repeatable and validated behaviour. The quality of validation protocols and documentation is as important as that of the manufacturing process itself. At Pharmabios we are aware of these needs and can offer you the following validation and documentation services:

  • URS redaction,
  • FAT & SAT protocols redaction & execution,
  • IQ & OQ protocols redaction & execution,
  • FMEA, risk assessment,
  • Preparation of the Quality Risk Matrix,
  • Implementation of ASTM 2500,
Biopharmaceutical equipment for  medical & pharmaceutical industries

Project management

At Pharmabios we are able to manage your project from beginning to end, to guarantee the completion of the project on time and with the highest quality standards. In addition, we take care of making your objectives our own: treating and coordinating your trusted suppliers and manufacturers, making reports and monitoring work. We establish priorities to adapt to the different contingencies that may arise throughout the project.

Turnkey projects

At Pharmabios we also offer the possibility of executing turnkey industrial projects, in which, in addition to carrying out conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, we take care of purchasing all the equipment and components and managing the entire project for your convenience. The turnkey pharmaceutical project execution mode allows us to keep a meticulous control of all project inputs and deliver the best final result.