Downstream skids

We design and manufacture fully automated skids to carry out purification and membrane separation processes in a fully automated way. The skids can perform the various sub-steps of each purification process recipe (by chromatography or membrane filtration methods) as well as the cleaning and disinfection steps following the process.


Downstream technology and bioprocess filtration

The following types of purification skids are available depending on the type of separation/purification and the purpose of the separation/purification:



Used to separate the desired product from the potential impurities it may contain. It can be by molecular exclusion chromatography, affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography or hydrophobic chromatography.


Used to purify, also allowing a concentration of the product and a buffer change, if necessary.


Used to purify the small-size components.


Used to guarantee a viral reduction in the product or in the culture medium.


Main advantage of our dowstream skids

  • Compact design,
  • Absence of dead legs,
  • Fully customisable and process adaptable recipes,

Main options of our downstream skids

  • In-line buffer dilution,
  • Buffer Exchange gradients,
  • Skid in hastelloy,
  • Extra instrumentation,
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