CIP cleaning systems

Pharmabios CIP cleaning systems, or Clean-in-place, makes it possible to clean manufacturing equipment, pipes, fittings and other components in a fully automated way. In the biotechnology industry, where shift work is common, it is important not only to optimize the manufacturing process, but also to have optimized cleaning cycles to reduce the time interval between batches.


Technology of our CIP cleaning systems– Clean in place

In order to define and validate an adequate cleaning for each installation, the following factors, among others, must be taken into account:

  • Type of product of substance to be cleaned (water soluble, viscous, etc.),
  • Pressure of the cleaning solution (so that the spray balls work properly),
  • Temperature of the cleaning solution,
  • Cleaning flow rate (it is recommended to obtain a turbulent flow in order to be able to correctly clean all the parts),
  • Type of detergent used,
  • Quantity (volume) of cleaning solution used,

Pharmabios CIP cleaning stations consist of a separate tank in two compartments, a cleaning solution impulse pump, and a heat exchanger.


Steps of the CIP cleaning process

  • First rinse: A tank compartment is filled with rinse water and sent to the equipment or facility to clean at the required flow rate and pressure.
  • Washing: The cleaning solution is prepared by filling a compartment of the tank and adding the required volume of detergent. Optionally you can choose to heat the cleaning solution to improve the result. Once prepared, the cleaning solution is sent to the process.
  • Final rinse: A tank compartment is filled with the final rinse water and sent to the equipment or facility to clean at the required flow and pressure.

Parameters of the CIP cleaning cycle

  • Turbulence,
  • Performance of the spray balls (riboflavin test),
  • Pressure,
  • Clean hold time required,
  • Dirty hold time,
  • Conductivity and TOC of the final rinse ,

The cleaning cycle must be reproducible in order to be validated, the following parameters must be taken into account in order to obtain a successful cleaning cycle:


Main advantages of our CIP systems

  • Compact equipment,
  • Optimized design to reduce total cleaning cycles time to 1 hour,
  • Possibility of specifying pressure, flow rate and concentration of cleaning solution,
  • Automated dosing of cleaning additive and heating of the cleaning fluid,

Main options of our CIP systems

  • Heating by means of electrical resistances,
  • CIP return line with flow rate and conductivity control,
  • CIP return pumps,
  • Upgrade of the control system,
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