Bioreactors & industrial fermenters

Technology of our bioreactors & fermenters

We design and manufacture bioreactors specially prepared for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. The design pays special attention to the cleanliness and sterilization of the bioreactor, in order to guarantee the absence of contamination between batches.

The operation of the bioreactor or fermenter is controlled in a fully automated way by a PLC installed in a stainless steel electrical cabinet, where all process parameters can be controlled and recorded.

Pharmabios bioreactors also have several sets of valves to control the flow of gases inside the bioreactor, the addition of culture medium and product outlet, etc.


Main advantages of our Bioreactors

  • Temperature control, stirring speed. Dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, foam,
  • Compact and optimized design for CIP/SIP,
  • Different types of microbial growth (aerobic, anaerobic, etc),
  • Volume range adapted to scaling-up and GMP manufacturing,
  • User friendly HMI,

Main options of our Bioreactors

  • Optical density / biomass control,
  • Prepared for continuous mode operation,
  • Preparation for anaerobic operation,
  • Load cells,
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