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At any time, you can accept and refuse the deposit of cookies.

As in almost all professional websites, this website also uses cookies, small files that are unloaded into the computer and serve to improve the visitor experience.

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Cookies used on this site

Audience Measuring cookies provide statistics on the use and utilization of several different elements of the website (such as content / pages visited). These data help improve the ergonomics of the website.

In this website, we use third-party cookies, in this case Google Analytics, it is one of the most common and reliable analytical solutions of use of Internet, with the aim of helping to understand how the website is used and how to improve the user experience.

Social network shared use cookies are issued and managed by the publisher of the social network in question. Subject to its consent, these cookies allow you to easily share the content published on the page.


Inactivation or elimination Cookies:

At any time, you can accept or refuse the deposit of cookies.

The majority of internet browsers are configured in a predetermined manner to allow the publication of cookies. Your browser offers you the opportunity to change these standard configurations so that all cookies are systematically refused or that only a portion of cookies accept or refuse in agreement with your issuer.

Your browser also allows you to delete existing cookies on your device or notify you when new cookies can be placed on your device. These configurations do not affect your browsing but you will lose all the benefits of the cookie.

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